Brain storming Hibiscus in the beautiful Daintree rainforest with my great friend Nicky…

I take my nascent notions of a new brand of some sort (yes all very vague at this point) together with my clean and serene Kamalaya Spa self to Australia. I’ve  primarily come to visit my lovely Dad and step mum Julie  in Melbourne, there’s never enough time to spend here, I’d like to spend  more time exploring it, I love this city, it’s architecture, restaurants, cafe’s and most of all catching up with treasured old friends.  My other treat is staying at my aunt and uncles amazing beach house in Lorne on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, fresh salty air, big skies, brisk bush walks and best of all the ocean right in front of us. After 3 weeks I fly up to the Daintree Rainforest in Northern Tropical Queensland to spend time with Nicky.  We skype a lot but miss each other’s company massively since she moved here with her hubby Gwion at least 8 years ago… we chew over my ideas and laugh ourselves sick at the various names I could dare to call my new company.  It’s here that my lightbulb of innovation pings brightly on, I going to create a one season year round feel good holiday wear brand, I’ll accessorise it with some house ware too.  I can travel to both hemisphere’s to sell it, I’m going to have a website (based in the UK, hopefully run by a friend who I have in mind) and very importantly, my own summer shop somewhere gorgeous in 2012…now that sound’s like a career made for me! I love travel, it’s my passion, I’ve got a good eye, I’m a very seasoned buyer of 13 years at my shop The Cross in London that I co founded. My brand will be the reflection of my travels and creativity and will fit into the framework of my ideal lifestyle. I’ve sold my house so my overheads are right down, I’m free to go any old place and do what I want where I fancy it! Constant chat accompanies Nicky and my beach walks, creek swims and wine on the verandah sessions until it is time for me to leave…only 48 hours before Cairns airport closes and Cyclone Yasi, the largest cyclone to hit the coast of Queensland arrives. Luckily for Nicky and family the eye of the storm diverted away from their area and they were ok but the damage was dreadful for others on top of the terrible floods already suffered in Australia in recent weeks.

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