Cochin – tropical kitsch!

For those of you who have always fantasised about travelling around in a chauffer driven Ferrari – dream no more it’s here waiting for you. The driver’s handsome too.

Perhaps you’d prefer my other favourite rickshaw ‘Dragon Soul’ or even ‘Praise the Lord’ en route to the shops?

How delicious are these shrines in the very special Santa Cruz cathedral? I’ve been back twice to visit I’m so captivated by it’s tropical charm. The cathedral was built by the Portugese circa 1550 and every surface is a delight to see, Italianate painted marble columns, wonderful panelled wooden ceilings with huge fans to keep the congregation cool, I mean check the alter below with the gold lamé curtains behind! There were neon lights in here and kind of disco worship tunes going on, everyone was happy, singing along, a real sense of genuine community, a joy to be around.

This man knows how to throw together a very satisfactory White Russian in seconds at the Amoury Bar in the  Brunton Boat Yard Hotel. Drinks aside, unless you want to bankrupt yourself here step outside again and eat the delicious curries and seafood available everywhere in Cochin.

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