The road to Hibiscus gathers a sideways pace in Goa…

Off we go on a lovely walk from Patnem Beach  to the north end of Palolem Beach (about an hour or so) slowly building up our apetites for lunch at Ordo Sounsar, yes it’s a fact that Palolem is much more hectic than Patnem and the hawkers relentlessly working the strip on the hard sell are enough to keep me well away B.U.T a journey to Ordo Sounsar owned by the fun Sera is worth a detour. Sera’s girlfriend, Sarah is responsible for the stylish horizontal vibe and the whole thing works a treat.  If there is availability and you’ve managed to surpass yourself with your Caligulan lunch habits you could always stay overnight and kick back.

The impressive walkway to Ordo Sounsar and verrry nice comfy areas to sink into on arrival.

Norman and Carole of Casa Susegad led us here, it’s all their fault! Word of warning…step AWAY from the massive glass jar of fermenting cashew fenni, just a sniff of it is enough to send me into a semi deranged coma. It’s evil. End of. Oh by the way I didn’t drink it at lunch, I’d tried a shot after dinner once and found it disembowlingly revolting and have no need to go near it again.

Sorry for the less than perfect photos of our delicious lunch but you get the idea, the mackerel was freshly caught (see the boat below) it was altogether a  proper Goan feast.

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