Aclimatación to my new surroundings

First thing’s first, Spanish lessons. Here’s my classroom, I’m nervously waiting for my teacher to arrive. I’m not joking, my secondary education was mostly taken up with lengthy visits to the Starlight Roller Disco in Hammersmith and as a result I’ve still got NO idea about grammar, all I remember is ‘a verb is a doing word’ !!! Goes to show, it all comes back in the end so that’s what you get for bunking off. Don’t get me going on state education in inner London. Back to 2011, shall we? Apart from the yawning chasm of missing grammatical knowledge it feels really good to be away from London, the twin challenges of starting up my new business and casually inserting myself into my new Adalusian  surroundings ahead will keep me occupied for sure. I’m looking forward to spending time indulging my interest in traditional textiles and cooking up all kinds of lovely feel good holiday wear and what better place to do that? Check out my local beach below.

You see the land in the distance across the sea below? Well that’s Morocco, only 35 minutes away on the ferry. I can go to Tangier for lunch if I fancy it. Mostly though if the Levante‘s not blowing, I sit in the chiringuitos on the beach and do my Spanish homework, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate, the sky becomes chokka with kite surfers, and as you can imagine they’re pretty fit. Yes girls, I do believe I’ve made a sensible life decision!

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