The Feria

Last night was fun, it was the last night of the town Feria, or  4 day summer fair with a candle lit procession in honour of their patron saint the Divina Pastora (Divine Shepardess). The contrast from a week ago when this town appeared virtually deserted or so it seemed to the last few days of full on partying involving every man, woman and child in the area was incredible. There’s been football, bike racing, marathons, bullfights, live bands, flamenco dancing, fireworks, paella tasting, bumper cars and drinking to the wee hours. Olé!

These women looked amazing, the colours of their traditional Andalus dresses are genius!

There goes the Divina Pastora, she’s got those men under control. A few minutes earlier we were sitting on the terrace and out of the corner of our eyes we noticed a tree top over the roof tops below us surreptitiously making its way up the street, like something out of a Dad’s Army manouvre.  We couldn’t resist a closer inspection and that’s when we caught with the procession.

It’s hard to see but infront of the procession there were lines of women all out in their best dresses, many of them in killer heels leading the way up to the church for the final service before the end of the Feria. Note to self – buy a new camera, I need one with a faster shutter speed, I was lucky to get any shots at all in the dark, I don’t know anything about photography, a decent point and shoot will do .

This evening the unearthly peace and quiet has returned.  The town is under an enforced post Feria rest, only the baker is allowed to open. How very civilised.


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