More butterflies, a Cocktail of 1 part excitement, 2 parts trepidation, 1 part nostalgia

Excitement part – Finalising the website and signing off the 1st Hibiscus collection of samples, commissioning Ruth to take photos on the beach for the ‘coming soon’ page for, planning my next round of travels to India and Australia, looking forward to catching up with friends and family, filling up my kindle with book recommendations to read on my journey and and and….

Trepidation part – I’ve seemed to have allowed myself to slide  into a bit of an old ‘two and eight’ (state) this last week. It’s now the count down to my trip back to India to start production at the factory, I should be sunning myself on the beach and generally mucking about but I’ve a restless fidgety edge to my mood, it’s incredibly blowy on the beach which leaves me alone to amuse myself with endless checklists and maybe over doing the preparations. It’s not like I’m walking to feckin Antarctica?! Trepidation is fuzzing up my optimism for 2012, the Greek economy is in tatters (and everywhere else) and I know it would be foolish to make any plans right now for my summer shop, at the same time I know the best plan of action is to wait and see what happens next spring and go with the flow. I hope I have got my prices right etc etc….

Nostalgic part – I have had one of the nicest summers I can remember in years here in Andalucia, I’ve been restored to life, surrounded by all kinds of lovely people and feel back in my own skin, a part of me doesn’t want to go, I’d like to put down some roots and stay for a while but I have work to do and I need to make a living and get myself out there. I’m going to miss my short lived home and neighbours but there’s always next year to look forward to. Sigh.

I will miss you beautiful Bolonia Beach

Ruth, my friend from the ‘Pig Field’ campsite who took the photo’s for the ‘Coming Soon’ page for A proper windsurfing madam and kite surf photographer.

I’ll be missing the view from my deck too.

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2 thoughts on “More butterflies, a Cocktail of 1 part excitement, 2 parts trepidation, 1 part nostalgia

  1. gives me a feeling when i read your words that i look forward to returning to the simplicity of having a good life which makes up that tarifa experience. shame we miss each other by a week..and benji’s fridge party which i am helping him make..bon voyage, i look forward to reading your experiences, you are going to have a ball…

    • Sorry to miss you too, I’m appreciating every day I have left here and extra sorry I’m missing Benji’s fridge party whatever that’s all about?? I hope you have great travels too, may the force be with you X

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