Trying to FOCUS on day one in Jaipur…

It’s not life and death it’s only fashion – or  something to that effect. Whoever said that hasn’t spent a day in a rickshaw Jeremy Clarksing it through Jaipur traffic. Abbu (my driver/fixer) thinks it hilarious that he’s had 3 accidents in one day recently and that his guru’s advice was not to drive for 2 days. Hmm. Anyhow we manage to get through a visit to the garment factory to make initial contact and go through the patterns, attempt to select fabrics and try not to get o.v.e.r.w.h.e.l.m.e.d, we then zoom on to another warehouse packed full of the most unbelievable stash of old tribal embroidered, beaded, embellished, and basically eye poppingly wonderful collection of Indian textiles where I’m finding it incredibly hard not to do a kind of  Zulu warrior victory dance in the figure of eight around the room. The words of my business advisor creep into my mind, ‘Remember the words of the Kung Fu Kid Sarah, FOCUS!’. A smiley kid from this place escorts us to the mothership warehouse/factory that puts the rest of the morning into the shade. I ask Abbu what they make here, ‘they’re making for everything’ he says with a steady gaze and just a hint of a head wobble. Ground Floor: Vast rooms stacked with bales of fabric of every description, packing boxes being winched out of windows and dropped into medieval looking trucks, arrivals of yet more boxes, just general box work.  First floor: More vast rooms filled with women stitching poufs, checking and re checking stitch work. Third floor: A massive showroom of quilts neatly arranged on huge wooden library shelves in rows per colourway, acres of suzani upholstered furniture, oceans of cushions and so on. Back down to the ground floor  (there’s a power cut now) where I’m ushered into a warehouse of what must be the largest stock of old saris ever in one place on this planet. Shafts of dusty light reveal monolithic metal shelves stretching to the ceiling with piles and piles and piles of saris. I ask if they have any silk crepe ones, I’m ordered to stand back as a bundle comes crashing to the floor from the top shelf followed by a billowing mushroom of filthy brown dust. I would just like to point out that all of this took place before lunchtime. Deep breathe. Still the afternoon to go…

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2 thoughts on “Trying to FOCUS on day one in Jaipur…

  1. Marina Mazur on said:

    tres visual. talk about sensory overload. this beats the latest roberto de carlo boot offering hands down….xx

  2. what a pleasure to read and know you are thre…

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