Jolly Boating Weather. The finale.

The black tie dinner on Saturday night ‘with speeches and Eton song followed by dancing’ (me with a very keen 92 year old who I had to keep forcibly removing and commanding to sit down and drink some water) was much more fun than I was expecting. When we stood up to sing the Eton song (I forgot my glasses so couldn’t read the lyrics by candle light) I almost felt like we were in the school hall.  My only connection to Eton being a boyfriend and a couple of …ahem.. snogs back in the day and one could be forgiven for getting the wrong impression.  After last weekend I can say hand on heart that all the men (bar one) I talked to, ages ranging from 17 – 92 years were gentlemanly in the old fashioned sense and great value at the dinner table.

Sunday, the final day of the Eton reunion weekend,  the programme being lunch at  Sardar Samand the Maharajah of Jodhpur ‘s art deco hunting lodge – and by feckery it was another memorable experience. Turning up in our coach I wasn’t that taken by the outside, it looked a bit grim, the only thing going for it was the fact that the sun was shining. Climbing the stairs and taking a peek inside the rather small uniformly preserved bedrooms, (although very authentic especially in the dressing room/bathrooms) I felt a flicker of White Mischief come upon me. Up another flight of steps and into a reception/dining room with the obligatory impala heads and hunting trophies, I began to get a flavour of the place …up the next flight of steps to the main terrace a vast jaw dropping fresh water lake spread out for our viewing/shooting pleasure.

After lunch the Maharajah invited us to settle down to listen to the Indian flautist and tabla musicians play on the terrace.  They were joined shortly after by the very genial Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago, an old friend of his, who urgently requested a plastic bucket to start playing on, the result was excellent, the Ambassador drummed out some world class Caribbean rythyms! I wish I could have download the video for you to listen to but the internet connection is too sketchy here so you will have to imagine the beat being played out on a bucket.. Think Trinidad carnival..

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