Enthusiasm… that’s my tip for 2012.

Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an ideal, which takes the imagination by storm, and second, a definite intelligible plan for carrying that ideal into practice.
Arnold J. Toynbee

I’m not so enthusiastic about my green hair courtesy of copper sulphate and chlorine present in my friend’s swimming pool in Queensland such are the trials of tropical life but let’s face it I’m mad keen to get going on the Hibiscus website. I’m about to leave Oz after nearly a month here visiting my lovely Dad, family and friends. I’ve fallen for  Melbourne again, particularly St Kilda, my kind of urban heaven – if Portobello and Golbourne Road markets were transported to a beach location it could pretty much be here. Amazing cake shops, vintage markets, the gym and saltwater swimming pool over looking the sea, cafes and walks along the esplanade.

 I spent a very special Xmas and New Years eve with favourite friends in their spectacular rainforest home up in Far North Queensland partaking in slightly nervous walks down the beach only a couple of K’s from the Daintree River estuary. FACT: Saltwater  Crocs have been protected here for 30 years now. FACT : there’s loads of them and they’re MASSIVE!  I didn’t see any personally but they’re there. Laters Fat Albert and Scarface.

If I could pickle in aspic the ultimate Aussie day it would be Xmas Eve. I went swimming in the afternoon at the stunning Blue Hole up in Cape Tribulation,  invented a stupid game called ‘log supremacy’ basically trying to stand upright and knock your opponent off a slippery log under water (while trying not to find a striking resemblance to scenes from Crocodile Dundee), we drove back home in the Trouper listening to Led Zep, Dazed and Confused. Later on back at the ranch the neighbours, Mike and Raileen brought over a  platter of delicious seafood that included fresh crocodile which we washed down with lychee martinis. Strong Xmas work!

Then there was Xmas day

Followed by a Boxing Day picnic on Snapper Island.

So yes, I’ve been lapping up the good life here in Australia. I’m gearing up for my brief return to India on my way back to the UK where hopefully I’ll be seeing some of my Hibiscus samples and will give you the odd glimpse as they appear…

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and don’t be shy please feel free to spread the word, stick it on your FB pages, email your friends…


Sarah X

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5 thoughts on “Enthusiasm… that’s my tip for 2012.

  1. Hey Sarah,
    What a great life you have. We want to see the new positively green hair. Will you be visiting us in Goa on your way back?
    Lots of love,
    Carole and Norman

  2. Marina on said:

    Writing in sand – GENIUS……..loved loved that…

  3. Hi Sarah

    If you are going to Goa you must come and visit me in Mumbai would love to see you….catch up on your newsxxx

  4. Hi Preet!
    Will be in touch if I make it there. Happy New Year. X

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