Impatiently waiting for blossom and boxes…

Enough already of the palm trees and beach photos, they were starting to get on your nerves right?? The blossom’s on it’s way, it’s chilly, sometimes windy, with occasional rain. You guessed it, I’m back in the UK which is quite a challenge in the wardrobe department living on my 20kg luggage allowance – half of which is made up of work stuff. 

I had a long awaited Guinness last week at my old time favourite, The Cow pub  while meeting  up with Lucy (one of Myhibi’s Guest Designers) of  Poplin,  beautifully made Saville Row worthy women’s pyjamas and nightwear.  I’ve always coveted a pair of Turnbull and Asser style gentleman’s pyjamas and now I’ll finally be able to sport a Poplin pair of my own on my travels.

I’ve spent the last week staying with Sara, who will be running here in the UK, I’ve been marvelling at trees without leaves having lived in semi permanent summer surroundings for almost a year, the blue skies and walks in the local forest were beautiful, crisp and uplifting.   As much as I like to blah on about working online at my local beach bar it’s been fantabulous to have proper time face time with Sara to plough through ‘to do’ lists together and work on the website’s appearance. We’re both RENDING OUR GARMENTS with EXCITEMENT, the homepage is looking 5 star!

How about this for a coincidence? The morning after I had arrived back from India I was standing at the bus stop on the Kings Road and who should pull up in their car and beep?… My friend Andy who lives upstairs from me in Spain?! We went off for a coffee and had a catch up on all things Andalucian which put me in excitable mood, I’m so looking forward to my return to friends, walks by the sea, tapas, vino, getting back into general research and ideas. My 20kg lifestyle is feeling good.  : )

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2 thoughts on “Impatiently waiting for blossom and boxes…

  1. GO SARAH GO. May we all meet up soon on the road to Hibiscus… it sounds wonderful.. XXXX

  2. God that pint looks good from my Kuwaiti hotel

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