Home Sweet (temporary) Home..

After a feck of a LOT of travelling around this last year culminating in a month of London catching up with friends, not having had enough time to see everyone and working on the website, I’ve at last come back to Andalucia to relish some peace and space to unpack my stuff, and luxuriate in quiet slow starts to the day looking out over the valley from my much missed hammock chair, counting the birds on the wire and staring at the first furious Levante of the season – so strong no kite surfers are attempting to brave it today.

I had my first buying appointment since 2009 in London which felt MAJORLY surreal.  On my into the Hempel Hotel to meet the lovely Rachael Ruddick I took a quick look at myself in the mirror and laughed inwardly,  feeling like a total hayseed, after spending nearly 6 months in Birkenstocks (for real! I tore my calf muscle last year and became addicted to them) there I was with my hair blow dried looking like the real deal in my Prada coat dressed for success. I got the old buzz  back in my buying stride, made even more enjoyable from the knowledge I didn’t have to traipse around trade shows anymore, my inspiration came from my travels and long may it continue!

I can’t tell you how refreshing it feels after buying for 13 years at  The Cross (the boutique I co founded back in 1996) to not bother myself with trends: dropped waists, pastels, prints, etc or being ‘on trend’, even micro trends??, celebrity style??!!, Woah! Fashion fatigue..not that we were slaves to the bleeding edge of the very latest at the Cross, I’m just relieved not to have to follow the same old path every fashion week, it was fun but now I’m having a new kind of fun.

Lets drop our shoulders and admit that all we really care about on holiday or travelling is feeling good in what we are wearing. One of the things I love about my summer clothes is the fact I’ve had them for years, they’re old friends who’ve shared some heavenly warm days and memorable nights, you know that moment when you can still detect a hint of Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion still permeating your sarong? That’s what I’m in to and you can’t buy that at a trade show.

Back to my unpacking it seems the moths have been very busy munching into my cashmere and shawls in storage for the last 5 months. After a moment of aaarrrgh I saw the light, it’s just another opportunity for me to travel lightly, another 15 kilos of  baggage I don’t have to think about. I’ll just have to keep warm in the sun for a while longer.

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