Up Up and Away…

The excitement levels went close to stratospheric yesterday when Sara picked me up en route to the photo studio enhanced by a double shot of Illy cafe. The Hibiscus stock was at the studio and I had yet to see it, we giggled the whole way there. What a set up, we walked into the studio to be greeted by the photographer and stylist who had set up the shots already, and there they were on the rail my Hibiscus summer wardrobe! I felt so proud, it really hit home that myhibi.com is actually happening. I’m not going into detail, you can see it for yourselves in a couple of weeks but we’ve had terrific feedback so far from twenty somethings to seventy somethings. The colours and prints are spot on, if I want to wear it all then that’s good news!

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16 thoughts on “Up Up and Away…

  1. Oh come on, let’s have a little sneak preview!

  2. Oliver on said:


  3. Get back in yer box Gilly Newberry! Will attempt to give you a preview over the weekend

  4. Marina on said:


  5. i want to see the collection!!!! I am so enjoying reading your blog. keep it coming.

  6. Longers!!! What happened to you? You went missing – it’s been commented on from London, Tarifa, Menorca. Yes… You coming over?

  7. Carol on said:

    Dear Sarah
    I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!! This is very exciting. Love Carol

  8. Olly Daniaud on said:

    Darling Sarah

    So Exciting!! to echo my fellow commentators (m&f) let’s have a sneak preview.

    Good on ya.


  9. annie mcmahon on said:

    Sarah you have so much wonderful energy – your clothing will be beautiful.
    Annie Lorne Xx

  10. Carrie on said:

    Can’t wait to see your summer dresses….yummy! Well done for taking your dreams into the NOW.

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