“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” ― Oscar Wilde

Event’s beyond my control led me to a week of solitude in Haarlem. I had come here to work but didn’t expect to be completely alone for the whole time, that wasn’t a part of the plan at all.  Just as well I had a suitcase of creative stuff to immerse myself in, a pile of DVD’s and mountains of music to keep me company at my friend Eljakim’s peaceful house.

Then the blues descended upon me, no point in fighting it.   Although not my choice of past time, the blues has its uses, it can lead to creativity in all forms and so I made the best of my time and took things real easy, processed a lot of thoughts, emotions and feelings until gradually they all settled down and paved the way for me to begin my projects that up until now I was finding impossible to get my teeth into while being on the move constantly and seeing friends. I missed having a home this week, it takes a lot of energy to keep on the move, but then there’s times when I live by a beach for two months and think it’s all been worth it for this!

This isn’t the most effervescent of posts but somehow after this last week things seem clearer and I’m ready to take on India and it’s madness in September, ready for London and it’s demands, overall ready to engage myself in the next chapter of Hibiscus and Myhibi.com and take it to the next level which will require my full fire power, high heels, hairdressers, manicures and enthusiasm which if you know me at all I’m well practised at!

The book I’ve been reading this week is The Baroness, by Hannah Rothschild who has had a 20 year obsession with the story of her Aunt Pannonica who abandoned her marriage in the early 1950’s to be with jazz musician Thelonius Monk in New York. The book is an education in itself with regards to the Rothschild family, their beginnings in a squalid ghetto to the vast all knowing power brokers they became.

And finally folks, the lesson of the week…

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10 thoughts on ““Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” ― Oscar Wilde

  1. Love reading your journal Sarah XX

  2. Lima ODonnell on said:

    Hello dear Sarah,

    Sorry to hear it was a bit of a shitty week. Hope the ground clearing was worthwhile…… Have been thinking of you and delighted to hear you are coming back in to town ! We are Away till the 1st sept so if you need a south London pad feel free lovely ? See you v soon I hope xxxxxx

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Lima, I’m so happy to hear from you as ever. I’m fine thanks am staying at a friends beautiful house until I go to India. You will see me but after india it sounds like..lets go out with your hubby for a ridiculous dinner somewhere ridiculous! Onwards! Big love to you XXXX

  3. There was a wonderful documentary on TV about the baroness which also showed some lovely clips of Thelonius. I didn’t realise there was a book about it. I think the documentary is called The baroness of Jazz. I might still have it saved 🙂 Time to ones own thoughts and dipping into the depths gets rid of the cobwebs when you come out. xx

  4. Darling Sarah
    Paul Theroux wrote ‘…if I did not talk for two days in a row I had the alarming impression that I was about to vanish. Silence made me feel invisible.” The Kingdom by the Sea.
    This makes sense to me.
    Thinking of you.
    Love Carolxxx

    • Dearest Carol,
      Thank you.
      I can relate to that. It was good medicine though and a head clearer.
      I’ve never gotten round to reading any of Paul Theroux books, maybe it’s time.
      Very much love as always XXX

  5. Annie McMahon on said:

    Dearest Sarah so lovely to catch up on all you are doing in your life. Take time out to smell the roses and you will be up there again real soon.
    Love from Annie Lorne Australia Xx

  6. Annie!
    If I had a pound/euro/dollar/rupee for every time I’ve been meaning to email you to see what you’re up to I’d be rich!
    Thank you and I will be back up there I know. I hope all is good with you, when you have a moment drop me a line.
    Love to you XXX

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