Pink is the navy blue of India. Diana Vreeland

Well, bonjour mes chéris from Delhi! This week by chance I’ve had the good fortune to have been surrounded by an assortment of stylish Parisians who have made their home in India which in turn has made my weekend back in Delhi très chic. Coupled with the ‘Love Delhi’ guide (check out all the Love Travel guides by Fiona Caulfield THE luxury vagabond, they really are invaluable if you want in depth info ) also thank you Sebastian Fisher, my friend in Andalucia for sending me to the Craft Museum here it’s been an inspirational education this morning. The charming man above, a weaver from Benares (whose name I gave up trying to pronounce) guided me through the textile gallery and showed me the difference between for example Gujurat and Rajasthani bandhani work and so on, I won’t bore you but I’m keen as mustard to know more about Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and the list goes on.

I’m so glad I sold my mini last week because now I’ve seen the light, see below my new preferred wheels. A few silk blinds, Prince Charming, a well stocked bar and Wey Hey!

Florence Freney one of my soon to be guest designers next spring on with her elegant minimal sandals, advised me to stay at the The Rose guest house,  (opened Jan 2012 also run by Parisians) a total oasis of calm in the arty, happening Hauz Khas Village. According to right now it’s 35 degrees outside with a feel of 47!! Bring on the air con and my cool room for a while before venturing out later in the day… I’m thinking Gunpowder Restaurant on the terrace with cooling views of the reservoir for a v.e.r.y light dinner.

Back on the train tomorrow to Jaipur for week 2 of work on my Hibiscus samples, so more on that later, now I have lie down in the shade. X

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One thought on “Pink is the navy blue of India. Diana Vreeland

  1. Certainly up to the usual standard of beauty and interest. Your life is very rich – a natural progression from the life you led before. How right you were to move on. I heard a quote the other day – ‘There is no future in the past’ – a message for those who are stuck there.

    I was at a play last night called ‘Jumpy’ – a hilarious account of the relationship between a teenage daughter and her mother. Much of it very familiar !!!

    This morning the forecast was for another hot day; so I went to the club about 10.30am and sat in the garden for a couple of hours, reading the Sunday papers. I was the only one there except for a man sitting very far away – what bliss. I’m going back tonight for a violin and cello concert. Friday was a party for Barry Cook (my new elderly hero I’ve mentioned before) at the galery where his show is about to finish. He was just as special and told everyone we were going to run away together there and then. He is a treasure – direct, honest and funny. There is nothing romantic whatsoever about it – just a big warmth. More please !

    We’re in for proper autumn weather next week, so I hope your sale went well. Good timing !

    Take care and enjoy it all. Much love – Mum xxxx

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