And God saw that the gin was very good and God said “let there be tonic” and there was Gin and Tonic. Elizabeth Windsor, ‘Gin o’clock’.

Feeling kinda spangled but happy on my last evening here in Jaipur. I’m getting used to the three week sensory overload package where I suddenly realise ‘it’s over’ no more can do. Palleeese. I’ve retreated back to my hotel to fall gratefully upon my time honoured Jaipur unit – a large G&T, I told Abbu my rickshaw driver I was feeling tired and ancient tonight, he said, ‘Don’t worry Boss, old is gold, and gold is very expensive!’. Cheers Abbu.. Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to Kerala for 2 weeks  R&R, I couldn’t be more ready.  I’ve never been here in the Monsoon before, it’s been challenging at times in the humidity, but it’s been great to have the factory to myself and get ahead of the queue for production. The samples are looking FAB, I’ll be bringing them back to London. Take a look at my last few weeks of Jaipur activity below.

Abbu wiring up the rickshaw for essential sounds and rhythm to jolly us along  on our many campaigns across the city. 

My new friend Alexa from Miami who is our new supplier with some beautiful necklaces she has sourced in India.

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6 thoughts on “And God saw that the gin was very good and God said “let there be tonic” and there was Gin and Tonic. Elizabeth Windsor, ‘Gin o’clock’.

  1. Another lovely blog – I enjoyed the pictures hugely. Big M XXXXXX

  2. sarah landeg on said:

    Enjoy Kerala lovely. Fantastic pictures – I love that elephant and will show my class tomorrow! Only you could pimp a rickshaw….x x x x

  3. Just arrived in Kerala! It’s going to be blissful here, can smell the jasmine next to my bed.. I’ve fallen in love with elephants since visiting Jaipur but still haven’t ridden one yet.. any more pics/info you want for your class let me know will happily oblige. I love the idea of the kids seeing them, how about I write them a message in the sand on the beach here?

  4. Looking good baby, my flat’s leaking faster than a government white paper! Feels like monsoon in London. But all good, the boys love the painted elephant! Love ya xxx

  5. Chas my old mucker back soon for Autumnal arts club dinner, XXX

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