A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths. Steven Wright

Big buddha

Bagan sunset

I know I’ve probably overdone it with the Burmese stories so I’ve decided to have a foot in two countries for this post, Burma and Thailand. I can’t believe our trip is over. Andy and Antonia fly the flag for the perfect travelling relationship,  a joy to be around and the best company.  I’ll finish off with Bagan above and the incredible temples we cycled to witnessing sunrises and sunsets with a proper dose of vertigo thrown in. I charged up to the top of a pagoda on the extremely steep outside steps, once I got up there I had the awful sensation that the whole building was tilting forward, coupled with no rail on the edge to hold on to if you wanted to look down, just a small half meter high wall at tops… Arrgh. My palms broke out in an instant sweat and I had to sit down, not knowing how on earth I was going to face the climb down. Still I couldn’t spend the night up there – so down I went a step at a time clinging to the hand rail, I just kept singing  Alabama Shakes ‘Hold On’ in my head..

Finally, leaving Burma from Mandalay International airport, the only café in the departures area consisted of two trestle tables, donning  a plastic carrier bag of boiled eggs, a couple of kettles, a desk in the corner with a dustbin liner (why bother with a table cloth?), a few of the usual tiny plastic tables and toddler size stools with a patina of indefinable filth on the floor slowly inching up the furniture and walls. What finer place to part with our final 3,000 kyet in the kitty?

Farewell breathtaking Burma and hellooooo Thailand.

So happy to be reunited with an internet connection here in my brief overnight stay in Krabi and to be able to get back in contact with the outside world largely because things are busy back in the UK. Sara’s setting up a shoot for the new arrivals this spring and we’ve got loads to get stuck into plus I’ve got to organise my living situation in London, looks like it’s coming together! Fingers crossed… My office this morning is a large comfortable bed – I was upgraded to a deluxe room because I complained there was an inexplicable white noise in my room and I wouldn’t be able to sleep – only to find when I got to my new fabulous room that it was my toothbrush turned on in my case (most excellent!!) the lord works in mysterious ways.

My pre-breakfast Thai office

Rushing now, am being picked up after breakfast and being taken to Koh Lao Liang, a miniscule island to be in one place and r.e.l.a.a.a.x 🙂

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One thought on “A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths. Steven Wright

  1. Just typed a message and it’s disappeared !! As I was saying, I loved your toothbrush in the suitcase story. So you, I laughed out loud.

    Divine photos. Your life is full of magic – you are really living – nothing that money can buy (except the fares !!). So good to have the perfect travelling companions in Andy and Antonia – it enhances everything.

    Onwards and upwards !!! Much love – Mum xxxxx

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