Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi

A big HELLLOOOO! from London.

There’s much excitement, first off Myhibi.com has just gone LIVE this week.

Florence with Hibiscus beach bag

Yes I know it’s freezing but it won’t be forever, we’ll get you feeling GOOD for the summer via Kay Montano’s make up secrets. For you gentlemen out there, you’re going to have to hold on a little longer until we intro the perfect beach shirt for you… baby steps…but believe we’ve got plans for you.

Now back to my recent trip to Jaipur… camera fades to…..my first night dancing on my friend Florence’s roof terrace with the local creative cognoscente – Indians, Parisians and a handful of Italians to throbbing minimal techno, bollywood and all kinds. The best start to my trip. According to Naveen, a Jaipur furniture designer Bollywood is “not all dancing round trees anymore you know, it’s much more chic now”.  Judging by the state of our very animated gyrations to many a Bollywood tune I would say that comment might need a little adjustment.


Another favourite thing is eating with Abbu’s (rickshaw driver) family, their home cooking is the best Rajasthani food I get to eat in Jaipur.



A few days later….First there was a bit of rustling about through plastic bags of pigment, followed by a few lively but good humoured discussions about which colour would be best for the job.





and….Wey hey!


Our first billboard going live and direct in Jaipur on the side of Abbu’s rickshaw!


Flower shopping is the best here too, armfuls of beautiful flowers for next to nothing. Heaven.


Below: how to arrange your marigold/rose garlands at home, giving you something to gaze at while your first well deserved G&T kicks in of an evening.


Flea market with a difference, Indian style.



Not even biros go to waste here.


One Saturday afternoon, Florence took me to see Alessandro Maria Torboli’s ingenious theatre production which teaches Indian kids the perils of plastic and virtues of recycling via much hilarity and fabulous props by Hervé Vital the owner of the Mosaics Guesthouse in Amer, a magical place to sit and eat on the rooftop under the stars not far from the Amber Fort.

Later we danced the night away at an inpromptu birthday party.  One of the most abiding memories of my stay was of Supreet, who’d driven 19 hours on his Enfield the previous day from the Kumbh Mela at Varanasi and was still clearly feeling the force recounting hanging out with some Saddhu friends of his (while dancing furiously) who were on ‘Full Power Man, 26 hour!’. Love it.



I can safely say this was the most fun trip here so far, I love Jaipur, it’s a city of traders, creatives and originality. I’ve got some kicking new samples on the way and feel like I’ve made another home from home – for a change.


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