What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet. Woody Allen

On board the Flickr with Maree

Ok I’ve been back here in London for  over a month now and I’m not going to take the obvious weather route because we’ve all had enough of it.  Here I am with the lovely Maree Gecks of Marzipants onboard her incredible home, the good ship Flicka, a dutch barge moored on the Thames, Maree is one of our Hibiscus guest editors coming soon.  Take a look here at our latest Hibiscus editor, award winning journalist and author Janine di Giovanni.

I’m looking FORWARD to warm weather be it actual or virtual.. the main thing for me is I’ve got a base in London for the first time in over two years to get reacquainted with my belongings and get nesting like a lunatic. I’ve been curtain making, painting, gardening and cooking via my veggie box and loving every minute of it. It’s not finished yet but give me a couple more weeks and I’ll show you. I do get pangs for my Andalucian existence though, I keep it at bay by eating  Pan Con Tomate for breakfast and occasionally tuning into www.ibizasonica.com to get a background iberian vibe going about the place, that and a strong coffee generally get me up on my hind legs of a morning.

proof of curtain making!

my neighbour enjoying the sun



HIbiscus bags

Meanwhile Sara and I are about to start our Hibiscus sales here in the UK to bring what must the foreign concept of a summer wardrobe to you. I’ve spent most of yesterday with an iron after stamping ‘hibiscus’ on to our bags – I found some fab palm tree print cotton in India just before I left and didn’t have time to get our stamp made up so yours truly had to do it. Sales are by far the best way to meet our customers and get feedback for future collections and Myhibi.com ideas. I’m also going to get the opportunity to disco test the recipe for hibiscus cordial given to me by my old friend Peggy Speir of frostbites (website coming soon) another Hibiscus editor on the way, mixing it with fizzy water during the day then turning it into all kinds of evil cocktails of an evening for my innocent customers.. Mwah hahaha! If you fancy joining us at any of our sales contact us via Myhibi.com and we will let you know where your nearest sale will be.


I’ve been so happy catching up with friends in my new London existence it really does feel like a different city to me,  though most likely I’m a different person  to the Sarah O’Keefe that left Heathrow on Xmas day 2010 in search of the next chapter. I’m not entirely sure of where I fit in not being the average householder but as my friend Oliver reminded me, ‘nature abhors a vacuum’ and I couldn’t agree more – I can fill 3 hours at a time watching Breaking Bad and Scandi noir thrillers. Case and point!

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4 thoughts on “What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet. Woody Allen

  1. Marina Mazur on said:

    always charming never dull….

  2. Love your posts Sarah xx

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